Top 5 Must Read Technical Analysis Books

Top 5 Must Read Technical Analysis Books

Technical analysis is another way to learn and apply it practically in the stock market. The individuals who are the participants of the stock market and do the trading according to their technical analysis are known as “Traders”. It is the most effective and popular way for decision-making tool used by traders in the equity, commodity, and forex market. Trading can be from short to medium.

This is a particular discipline that structures the price-volume data of a certain financial instrument over the period. The structures that take place in this are the various candlestick patterns or the price patterns and indicators that are derived from the statistical formulas using the plan volume data.

Probability is the most important element in technical analysis. In this article, you will get to know if are also a technical trader then what books should you read and also for beginners. NTA® presents the article on “best technical analysis books”. So, let’s see about the top 5 books that you should read being a technical analysis trader.

List of Best Technical Analysis Books in India

1. Getting Started in Technical Analysis – by Jack D. Schwager

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  • This book gives the basics and foundation of technical analysis.
  • This book is full of examples and explains clearly the basic topics like trends, trading ranges, chart patterns etc.
  • Explains the various forms of charting in an easy manner and after that goes deeper into the trading signal generation methods.
  • The author himself has written about his experience as a real-world trader. One must read this book for technical analysis in India.

2. Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques – by Steve Nison

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  • Candlestick charting is the technique and an important tool for the technical analysis of the stock market.
  • This book gives a comprehensive and enough study about the guidelines regarding the candlestick charts and patterns.
  • These charts can be used in any of the time frames.
  • Though the book name is complicated the language used is very easy so that any of the traders can read it easily.

3. Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns – by Thomas N. Bulkowski

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  • The book name will give you enough guidance on what will be content in it.
  • But rather than the chart patterns, it also explains the descriptions about the preconditions and the confirmation of each chart patterns.
  • Different Chart Patterns have different probabilities of either it can be a success or it can be a failure.
  • This book also gives guidance about the success-failure ratio of each pattern and the vast number of examples from the stock markets.

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4. How to Make Money in Stocks – by William O’ Neil

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  • This book is all about the techniques you can use to make money in the stock market despite the conditions of the market.
  • While writing this book there has been done research for more than 100 years of data of the stock market.
  • “CANSLIM” method is introduced in this book and after that, it becomes a successful method for trading and for many traders, investors, and also for fund managers.
  • This book contains many practical examples that make it easy to understand.

5. Technical Analysis from A to Z – by Steven B. Achelis

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  • This book also gives an immense and comprehensive study about the technical analysis used in the stock market.
  • This book has further two parts, as the first part is completely for the beginner's types of traders and the second one belongs to the advanced types of traders.
  • And in this book also you will find many charts patterns and also many indicators for the study of the stock market.
  • One must go through this book as every book has something new to learn and make yourself more of a learner.

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