5 Best Technical Analysis Trading Software

5 Best Technical Analysis Trading Software

Technical Analysis Software List by Nifty Trading Academy – With the advancement of the internet, the popularity of share market trading has been rising consistently. More and more people are getting involved with trading, and the analysis software is certainly helping a lot in this regard. These applications are provided by most brokerage companies; some of them offer the application for free, while some of them charge money for them. No matter if you are using a free application or a paid one, it is important to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of the same.

Features like fundamental analysis numbers, technical indicators, news alerts, etc. make the trading software more effective. If you browse through the web world, you will get plenty of trading applications to consider; but, as a trader, you need to be sure about the reliability of the software. So, let us take a look at the top five technical analysis software you can consider.

Best Technical Analysis Software for the Indian Stock Market

1. MetaStock Trader:

Without any doubt, it is one of the most widely used applications for stock trading. In this stock trading software, you have the power to choose from three hundred technical indicators. In addition, it also boasts of drawing tools, and the Fibonacci retracement is one of them. These tools add more effectiveness to the technical indicators. The feature of integrated news also proves to be quite useful here. These are the reasons that make MetaStock Trader a widely used option.

2. Pure Profit Application – 100 % Money Back Guarantee

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3. Ninja Trader

This is one of the highly useful technical analysis software available in the market. In fact, for beginners in the world of stock trading, Ninja Trader is quite an apt one. It offers more than three hundred options for add-on products. Numbers of research tools, charting, technical indicators, and fundamentals make this application quite a good option. Third-party integrated library and customized development are the other major options you get.

4. Equity Feed Workstation

The ‘Filter Builder’ feature of this Technical Analysis trading software is its prime aspect. This tool has been designed upon a wide range of filtering criteria, which allows the stock traders to scan as well as choose stocks as per their desired consideration. Apart from it, this software also offers many other features as well, such as Level two market data, Sector View, ETF View, etc. You can certainly rely on this application.

5. Profit Source Platform

In case you trade on a frequent basis then this application can prove to be more apt for you. The functionalities offered by Profit Source Platform encompass more than forty automated and technical indicators. There are many more reasons that place this application among the top ones.

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