Top 10 Stocks Exchanges in the World


Stock market is the biggest market for wealth creation. The topmost list is dominated by developed nations. There are critical factors like due diligence and good compliance which are boosting their growth.

List of Top 10 Stocks Exchanges in the World 

#1 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

The NYSE is considered as the world’s topmost stock exchange model as the market capitalization(MCap) of the stock is 24.5 was established in 1792 and has evolved with time in technical and financial aspects. It is also observed by various analysts that NYSE has the power to affect other stock markets as well due to its trading in high volumes from multiple countries and nations worldwide. Some of the major companies that are traded on the NYSE are American Express and JPMorgan Chase.

#2 National Association of Development and Dealers Automated Quota (NASDAQ)

The NASDAQ is runner up in this list on the basis of companies traded. However, it is the first electronic-based stock exchange, and the companies here traded are remarkable. For example Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft. NASDAQ was established in 1971. The trading products are versatile and include options as well as futures. The NASDAQ is the highest traded stock exchange as around 1 trillion is exchanged every month.

#3 Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)

Shanghai Stock Exchange is considered as Asian topmost stock exchange and its uniqueness is it is a non-profit entity and is controlled by the Chinese government. It was established in 1990 and trades in options, stocks and bonds.

#4 European New Exchange Technology (Euronext)

Euronext trades in pan Europe and has multiple flagship indexes which are being monitored in various nations such as Blue chip Euronext 100 which is composed of the top 100 most liquid stocks. This index is mostly covered by French companies like Alstom, L’Oréal, ArcelorMittal, BNP Paribas, Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever, Schneider Electric, etc.

#5 Hongkong Exchange Stock Exchange (HKEX)

It is the financial capital of all the stock exchanges founded in1891. There are more than 2500 companies registered in this stock exchange.

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#6 Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

Tokyo Stock Exchange was established in1878 and comprises 3700 companies and some of the famous companies included in this are Toyota Sony and Mitsubishi.

In TSE, there are two sections one is of large companies and the other is of mid-sized companies. The TSE is also known for its quality mechanism, compliance and surveillance.

#7 Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE)

SZSE is one of the established stock market with a market cap of 3.9 trillion US dollars. SZSE was founded in 1990 and has various benchmark indexes which include SZSE 100 and SZSE component Index which reflect 50 top stocks.

#8 London Stock Exchange (LSE)

LSE is one of the oldest stock exchanges founded in 1801have more than 3000 companies listed with Mcap of 3.9 trillion US dollars. It is interesting to note that LSE is the is first to set up a benchmark price in the equity stock market. LSE is also known for its trading in secondary instruments like Exchanged Traded Funds, Debt securities bonds, etc.

#9 Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)

TSX was founded in 1861. TSX is the subsidiary of TMX group which makes it a financially active exchange. TMX group controls TSX and its all operation. The TSX has a total of Mcap of 3.1 trillion US Dollars.

#10 National Stock Exchange (NSE) / Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

In India, both NSE and BSE have huge importance as NSE is the youngest stock exchange in India but many companies are moving towards it. The top 50 companies traded on NSE are known as Nifty 50. This is the strongest index that portrays the economic health of the Indian stock market.

Whereas BSE is Asia’s first stock market founded in 1875 and have more than 5000 companies listed. The BSE has established a benchmark of 30 stocks known as Sensex.

Bottom Line

The stock exchange's valuation keeps changing but the top 5 stock exchanges are always in close competition. The returns of the stock exchange are emerging from COVID Pandemic. Investors need to have an active understanding before investing globally in any stock. However, there is high hope from Asian stocks to cope up and reach to a new level.

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