Live Share Market Training in Bangalore

Live Stock Market Training in Bangalore


Making money in the stock market through trading requires skills and expertise. Not everyone can do it right. Nifty Trading Academy is one name that is famous for training students in the stock market and making them a professional trader. NTA® aims at enhancing your stock market knowledge and helping you achieve financial freedom through trading. If you are looking for Share Market Training in Bangalore, you can contact Nifty Trading Academy.

Benefits of Joining NTA® – Share Market Classes in Bangalore

  • We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute.
  • We hold the excellence award for ‘Best Share Market Training Institute in India’ in 2016.
  • Nifty Trading Academy is the 1st Indian Institute to bring the concept of Live Market Training.
  • We offer various courses and professional trading techniques to the novice and experienced investors/traders.
  • Our courses cover various types of trading styles like Swing Trading, Short Term Trading and Position Trading.
  • We also teach our students Investment Theory for Stocks, Options, Futures, Commodities, Exchange Traded Funds, Currencies and Forex.
  • Our faculty has experience of more than a decade in the financial markets.
  • For successful trading and investing we use various techniques of risk management, technical analysis, trading fundamentals and real-world applications.
  • We have changed the life of over 50,000 students who took training from us and now doing well in the stock market.

Benefits to our Students / Clients

  • Money Back Facility
  • Life Time Membership Card
  • Life Time Free Repetition Facility
  • Student Support via Toll-Free Number, Mobile Number and E-Mail
  • Live Market Support Team
  • Query Webinar in Every 45 Days
  • Live Market Trade to Trade Practical Training and much more

Fees Structure of Stock Market Training Institute in Bangalore

Beginner Course

Free Intraday Class

Intraday Course

Diploma In Technical Analysis

Rs. 9,999
Timing The Trade

Timing The Trade

Rs. 74,999
Pure Profit Course

Pure Profit Course

Rs. 3,53,999

Introduction of share market courses in Bangalore

  • Beginner Course

    A beginner in the stock market must join the Beginner Course. The two-day course clears their stock market doubts and helps them to understand how the share market works. The classes for this course are held on every Thursday and Saturday.

  • Beginner Course

    Intraday traders often take positions in the stock market on the basis of hope that their trade will go right. In the end, they make losses most of the times. Beginner Course is for those intraday traders who make losses in the stock market on a regular basis. The different topics of the course help them in learning the technicals of the stock market. They learn about the mistakes they were making and how they can overcome them. With this course, the intraday traders can learn to make good profits on a consistent basis.

  • Timing The Trade

    Timing The Trade assists the traders in framing the right trading strategy on the basis of institutional price action analysis. This course involves teaching the students about sangam entry, profit generator system, morning trade strategy and live trading course.

  • Pure Profit Course

    The key features of this trading course are the usage of reliable technical analysis software and real-time technical analysis system for maximum profit.

Scope after the Share Market Courses in Bangalore

After joining the best stock market institute in Bangalore you will be a professional trader. You can make a fortune out of trading in the stock market. By learning from us you will be able to earn at a consistent rate in the stock market. You will be able to achieve your financial goals through intraday trading. All you need to do is contact us for joining the Nifty Trading Academy – share market classes in Bangalore. If you have any query or need any information you can write us an email or contact us on the phone. We will be glad to serve you.