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We provide the best online live sessions on future and options trading. The online stock trading courses include query discussions and various engagement sessions.


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Nifty Trading Academy is the only online market class that guarantees you excellence in stock market training or a 100 % money back facility. We aim to give you the best.


Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership provides students with the facility to repeat the course freely. Our team helps you build confidence in stock market investment. Join us to become financially independent.

Award Winning Institute

Being the first online stock trading institute for attending free stock trade classes, NTA has achieved the “Student Appreciation Award” by UrbanPro in 2015. Nifty Trading Academy is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and we believe in delivering excellent learning programs on Options, Futures, Technical Analysis, Currencies and Forex.

Nifty Trading Academy has imparted successful training strategies and real-world applications that have helped earn the Excellence award of being the ‘Best Stock Market Training Institute’ in India in 2016.

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“Never Forget Friends, Education is never an Expense, It is an Investment for Future.”

logo Market Basic Course

This is our basic course for learning the fundamentals of the stock market. You enroll for this course and we can guide you towards growth in stock market trading.
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logoIntraday Trading Course

Intraday Trading Course is our interactive learning course which will clear all the doubts and fundamentals to help intraday traders to achieve profits in a short time.
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logo Advance TA Course

Advance Technical Analysis Course gives you the freedom to design your strategies with Institutional price action analysis, Sangam entry, Morning trade strategy and many more.
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logo Pure Profit Course

Pure profit courses help advanced learners to find the right trades in the market to achieve maximum profit and growth.
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10+ Years of Success

Nifty trading academy is delivering excellent results for the last 10 years and the journey continues with the best faculty and great learning experience.

30000+ Learners

We have touched more than 30000 lives with great skills as our courses have proved to change the lives of so many students who can proudly invest freely and wisely.

100+ In-House Strategies

Our stock market courses provide in-house strategies which are suited according to the learner’s need. From basic knowledge to expert intraday trading, NTA provides everything.

100+ Countries Reached

Nifty Trading Academy has a worldwide presence with online stock trading sessions and live query classes. The courses are designed to provide worldwide exposure to students

95% Client Retention

Our Team Proudly announces excellent client retention. Our mantra is to provide the stock trading knowledge with simple techniques which are helping us to achieve customer satisfaction.


It was very good session for me. I have learned many things from this workshop. But after the completion of this workshop some things are not remembered to me because there are too many things in one day for learning. I will start at my level also from your PPT help and try to practice. I have understood the things only need to practice. And again that workshop was very good.

Professional Certificate Programs

Nifty Trading Academy – Best Stock Market Education and Training Institute provides you with a great platform for Intraday & Technical learning to achieve excellence. Nifty Trading Academy offers multiple and customized online trading courses which can lead to assured success. Our goal is to provide practical training to achieve financial freedom.

We provide professional certificate programs for students. The process is to continuously monitor performance throughout learning and then the certificate of excellence is provided to students which boost the careers of many learners. The NTA programs are known for high returns as the courses are at affordable prices. We care for every penny invested with us.

In NTA, you can learn from the fundamentals of the stock market online. NTA helps you to become a professional trader in the stock market. Nifty Trading Academy has managed to achieve a record of maximum people joining a stock market learning webinar. These sessions mostly cover trading fundamentals, technical analysis and risk management techniques and strategies for beginners.

Our courses provide effective course material, career guidance, interactive learning, and full-time support through emails and toll-free numbers. The aim is to provide in-depth course coverage with practical and interactive applications for finance as well as non-finance students who have different backgrounds. Master your emotions with Nifty trading Academy and learn the art of investing in stock market trading.

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