Top 10 Shares between 1 to 10 Rupees

Top 10 Shares between 1 to 10 Rupees

Indian stock market offers shares in various ranges of prices for traders. However, common traders are usually seen as more interested in buying cheaper shares that can provide them with good benefits. The cheapest shares in the stock market of India are known as Penny Stocks, which are available between 1 to 10 rupees.

These shares exhibit low market value, for which it is difficult to sell them in the share market. Hence, many investors consider it risky to buy such low-cost shares because of very few trading facilities. However, the volatility of the market has made Penny Stocks more popular among many investors in 2023. According to the reports of the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Check following:

List of Top 10 Share Between 1 to 10 Rupees 2024

S.No. Name CMP Rs. Mar Cap Rs.Cr.
1 GTL Infrastructure Limited  1.65 2,025
2 Prismx Global Ventures Ltd 1.69 74.2
3 Sintex Plastics Technology Ltd 1.51 93.4
4 LCC Infotech Ltd 2.75 34.0
5 PMC Fincorp Ltd 3.05 163
6 FCS Software Solutions Ltd 4.55 776
7 Shah Metacorp Ltd 5.02 210
8 Shashijit Infraprojects Ltd 6.10 31.6
9 Pagaria Energy Ltd 7.12 3.10
10 Danube Industries Ltd 8.00 48.0 

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List of Share Under 20 Rs in 2024

S.No. Name CMP Rs. Mar Cap Rs.Cr.
1 STL Global Ltd 19.0 51.9 
2 Arihant's Securities Ltd 18.7 9.37
3 Rajnandini Metal Ltd 17.9 495
4 Raj Rayon Industries Ltd 17.0 935
5 Richfield Financial Services Ltd 15.6 5.84
6 Kavveri Telecom Products Ltd  14.8 29.5 
7 Tarai Foods Ltd 13.9 24.6
8 Steel Exchange India Ltd 12.7 1,506
9 MFS Intercorp Ltd 12.0 5.16 
10 Suncity Synthetics Ltd 11.4 5.65 

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Points to be noted before buying low-value Penny Stocks

  • Buyers need to check the market capitalization of the share rather than judging only by its quoted price so that they can sell it easily later.
  • The upper and lower circuits of these shares should be checked by buyers, beyond which they cannot trade their Penny stocks on a trading day.
  • Buyers should also check the volumes of Penny shares, as the volume of shares shows its liquidity or the easiness of selling it.
  • Many share brokers try to manipulate the prices of these Penny stocks, for which buyers should be careful in checking the actual price of shares on the internet.
  • Some companies float several stories about the success of their Penny shares, which may or may not be true. So it is best to research and check all aspects before buying these shares to ensure profits.
  • Since the risk of loss is very high for a Penny stock, buyers should check the profile and business capacity of the company offering this share. They need to make sure that the company will not shut down suddenly, as in that case their investment in its share will be lost.
  • No buyer should invest more than 3% of his/her portfolio value in Penny shares so that he/she does not face a huge loss if the liquidity of this share further drops.

Despite low liquidity, Penny stocks can turn out to be highly profitable for investors due to the turmoil in the Indian share market. So it is wise for investors to buy these shares sensibly and wait for satisfactory profits very soon. They should watch the updated news of the National Stock Exchange and go through the list of Shares between 1 to 10 Rupees for investing in 2024.

Note: NTA® (Nifty Trading Academy) would like to clarify that we do not promote any specific stocks for purchase or investment. Before making any investment decisions, we strongly encourage you to conduct thorough research and due diligence.


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