Sharekhan Mini Features, Services & Details

Sharekhan Mini Features, Services & Details

Brokers play a significant role in the stock market. Without their presence, no trader or investor can invest their money in the stock market. In fact, there are many brokers in the market that provide services to investors. One among them is Sharekhan. S_khan is providing trading and investing services to the Indian people for more than 3 decades. In this article, we shall learn about the services given by S_khan and the features of its most popular application Sharekhan Mini.

What is Sharekhan Mini?

Sharekhan Mini is a mobile trading application. The users can use this application to trade and invest in the stock market. In fact, with the help of this application the residents of the 3rd tier and 4th tier cities, towns and villages get access to the Indian stock market. In addition, S_khan Mini web application supports a slower internet speed of 2g to function smoothly. Therefore, the people of remote areas of India can get access to a smooth and fluent stock trading system that does not require higher internet bandwidth like 3g and 4g.

Let us now have a look at the S_khan Mini features.

Features of Sharekhan Mini

The user can simply log in to his account by putting the login id and membership password in the application. In fact, the user will need to click on to the login button upon entered the details. Once the user has successfully logged into the system, he can trade in share and securities.

Features of Sharekhan Mini

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The features on the application are as follows:

  • Live Quotes

The user can get live quotes of Sensex and Nifty. In fact, you just need to enter the stock name in the search column and click the go button. The basic details of the stock like 52 weeks high and low, day’s high and low, etc. are available on the mobile application.

Live Quotes

  • News

Under this section of the Sharekhan Mini mobile application, the user can read business news. Furthermore, the news section contains other news as well apart from news about stock markets and stocks. Therefore, the user is aware of the various news that could affect the Indian stock market or individual stock. The user can read the news or events that can have the effect on his stock price directly or indirectly. In addition, many research reports on stocks are also available under this section.


  • Markets

The markets section shows the highlights of the India stock market and its performance. In addition, various Indian indices quotes are available on a real-time basis. Furthermore, the live streaming of the Indian market and share price makes the application usage a wonderful experience.


  • Earnings

Earnings section is one of the most important features of the Sharekhan Mini application. In fact, the investor who is looking to invest for a long time often studies the fundamentals of a company. Furthermore, the earnings of a company reflect the fundamentals in the best way. Therefore, the investor can know about the company’s earnings in this section and understand the financial position of the company.

  • Company Info

Any person who wants to invest in a company must know about the company. In fact, investing in a company without knowing its business model is not right. Therefore, this section of the S_khan Mini application gives the user information about the company. The user can read about the business in which the company is functioning, understand the future prospects and invest accordingly.

  • Trading

Sharekhan Mini application provides the features of trading or investing not only in stocks. In fact, with this application, you can trade or invest in different segments like commodity, derivatives and equity. Furthermore, if you are looking to invest in Mutual Funds, this application is a blessing as you can do it on the application with just a few touches. The application also provides the current position of your portfolio. Therefore, you can take your decisions on stocks by looking at the performance of the portfolio.


These were the few features of Sharekhan Mini application. Now let us have a look at a few of the benefits of the application.

  • Firstly, the S_khan Mini application can function smoothly even at low bandwidths. Therefore, anyone residing in the remote areas of the country can access the application even with 2g internet speed. Hence, the compulsory requirement of 3g or 4g internet does not exist.
  • Secondly, the trader or invest can use the application on the move. There is no requirement to watch the share quotes on television or call the broker. In fact, just by clicking the stock quotes, the user has access to the live quotes and trade.
  • Thirdly, there is no need for heavy software to trade in the stock market. Sharekhan Mini is light and has a smooth interface. Therefore, there is no problem of space or usage in the mobile phone.
  • Fourthly, the details of all the transaction are available on the application. In fact, the portfolio is always updated with the latest transaction or orders. Hence, the user can monitor the list of transactions and portfolio holding through the mobile phone.

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