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  • Become a Professional Trader with Nifty Trading Academy
    05 October

    Become a Professional Trader with NTA

    Nifty Trading Academy is award-winning Institute that provide real time market learning in live market set-up. Mr.Hitendra Dixit, founder of NTA® - with 10 years of  experience and he is always egger to share his knowledge to help you become a pro – trader...! NTA® reach in 150 countries, all our thousands of traders from [...] READ MORE
  • How to Invest in Foreign Stocks from India
    02 October

    LEARN Process of Investing in Foreign Stocks

    Get surprise! By reading the title – Yes, you heard it right. You can invest in the foreign stocks from India. Now, let’s take a look what are the ways and how you can invest in the foreign stocks. Before we directly jump to how to invest in foreign stock market.Such thing that should be […]

  • How to trade in ICICI direct
    27 September

    Step by Step Guide for Buy & Sell Shares in ICICI Direct

    Learn How to trade in ICICI Direct – I_direct is one of the best platforms that offers online brokers websites for buying or selling shares on the stock market. ICICI is an innovative website which helps you to trade at high speeds even through low bandwidth connections like graphics and data card. Step by […]

  • 5 Best Demat Account in India for 2018
    24 September

    5 Best Demat Account in India for 2020

    Indian stock market has always been a great wealth creator. In fact, if the investment is done correctly it has given manifold returns to the investor. Therefore, if someone is entering the market, he must take small steps initially. In addition, he must learn gradually and understand how the market functions before taking a big […]

  • Sharekhan Mini
    22 September

    Sharekhan Mini Features, Services & Details

    Brokers play a significant role in the stock market. Without their presence, no trader or investor can invest their money in the stock market. In fact, there are many brokers in the market that provide services to the investors. One among them is Sharekhan. S_khan is providing trading and investing services to the Indian people […]

  • Zerodha Margin Calculator
    21 September

    Zerodha Margin Calculator – 2021 Updated

    #1. Learn What is Zerodha ? Zerodha is the second largest Discount Broker in India. This broking company was established in 2010 in Bangalore and by now the company has a presence in multiple Indian cities. Over One million clients of Zerodha are satisfied by its powerful ecosystem of investment platforms, and customer support system. […]

  • option-trading-strategies
    31 August

    Option Trading Techniques & Strategies India

    Stock market is one of the greatest wealth generators for investors. In fact, if the trading is done in a right way, the capital can grow manifold. Thus, it is very important to have the right knowledge and skills to carry out stock trading. One such strategy to earn money in the stock market is […]

  • Stock Market Analysis
    30 August

    Learn about Stock Market Analysis

    What is Stock Market Analysis? A Stock market analysis can be defined as an attempt to predict future market actions or to provide a general insight into the market. There are mainly two types of stock market analysis that include many concepts and factors which are to be considered when performing analysis on the stock […]

  • World Stock Market Timings as per Indian Time
    21 August

    World Stock Market Timings

    As we all know Indian stock markets are open at 9:15 a.m. and close at 3:30 p.m. (IST). There are many stock markets that exist across the globe. There are many stock market exchanges existing around the world and their opening and closing time vary. Some of the main stock market exchange around the world […]

  • What is IPO - Initial Public Offer
    09 August

    Learn What is an IPO and Its Concept

    Indian stock market has become one of the major investment avenues. In fact, more and more people are putting their savings in the equity market or mutual funds. The potential of returns that stock market can make is very high. This makes it the most attractive place to put the money. However, in recent years […]

  • Low Price Stock vs. High Price Stock
    07 August

    Low Price Stock vs. High Price Stock

    Low Price Stocks having low price stocks is the advantage of costing less than high price stocks, but they have a tendency to be more volatile. Stocks with the price less than 1$ a share are known as “penny stocks” but this basket also includes stock price under 5$. Penny Stocks are highly risky, but […]

  • what is SGX Nifty
    25 July

    What is SGX Nifty? With Live Chart

    SGX Nifty Means SGX Nifty is derivative of Nifty Index trade officially in Singapore Exchange. SGX is Singapore stock exchange nifty which implies the Indian CNX Nifty traded in SGX. It allows foreign investors to take a position in Indian Stock market it is very popular derivative product of Singapore Exchange. Foreign Investors who are […]

  • Moneycontrol
    11 July

    Moneycontrol Website Information – All in1 Guide

    Introduction Stock market is an important part of any person’s life who saves and invest money. Investors monitor and track the regular movements in the share price. In fact, without tracking the price movements, trading and investing in the share market is not possible. Moneycontrol website is a very good platform that provides all the […]

  • what is share market and how it works
    30 May

    Learn – What is Share Market and How it Works

    What is Share Market? The main function of share market is to function as source of capital for companies. In a share market, shares are bought and sold. The stock market is a share market, however besides shares of companies, other instruments like bonds, mutual funds and derivative contracts too are traded in the stock market. […]

  • Learn Indian Stock Market Basics
    26 May

    Learn Indian Stock Market Basics

    The beginners in the stock market always have a lot of question in their minds. Trading and investing in the market is not as easy as it looks. In fact, it requires right knowledge and information to be able to make good returns from the share market. This is possible only if the beginners or [...] READ MORE
  • How to Invest in Stock Market India
    16 May

    How to Invest in Stock Market – For Beginners & Expert

    Best Tips to Invest in Indian Stock Market - Trading and investing in the stock market is nothing less than an art. High returns in the stock market always lure the investors. Investing in the stock market requires a lot of researching and analysis. Therefore, if you are new or a beginner in the stock [...] READ MORE
  • What is Demat Account
    10 May

    What is Demat Account? All Information in 1 Guide

    Demat Account Introduction What is Demat Account? Trading in the stock market is very common these days. More and more people are indulging in trading and investing in the stock market. The reason for such increase in the participation in the stock market is the opportunity to make good returns. Thus, the first question that […]

  • SEBI Extends Timing for Trading In Equity Derivatives
    05 May

    SEBI Extends Timing for Trading – 11:55 PM

    If you are a trader in equity derivative segment, then there is some good news for you.  Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has recently approved the extension of equity derivatives trading till 11:55 PM from 1st October onwards. Therefore, trading in equity derivative shall take place from 9:00 AM to 11:55 PM. The […]

  • Best Stock Market Research Websites in India
    04 May

    Best Stock Market Research Websites in India

    Best Stock Recommendation Sites Stock Market Research Websites – Investing in the stock market requires right set knowledge and skills. In fact, everyone today knows that the internet is full of resources to gather the information. Furthermore, as an investor in the stock market, it is important to have the right knowledge about the company. […]

  • NSE Paathshaala
    13 April

    Learn Trading from NSE Paathshaala – पाठशाला

    Trading in the stock market is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, it requires right set of skills and knowledge to be a successful trader or investor. In addition, the trader or investor in the stock market needs to follow certain rules and disciplines. Therefore, if any new investor enters the market, there is […]