Top 10 Functions of Stock Exchange in India | What is Stock Exchange?

Major Functions of Stock Exchange in India

Major Functions of Stock Exchange in India

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If you all don’t know about the stock exchange and its major functions then you don’t need to worry about and proceed further because you will get to know in brief. Let us with our article on “Major Functions of Stock Exchange in India”.

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Okay, so moving further with the basic let’s discuss about “what is stock exchange?

What is Stock Exchange?

Stock Exchange is the place where you can trade in the financial instruments likewise in the shares, financial assets or securities etc. This is also known as the share market.

In India, there are major two exchanges available that is:

  • National Stock Exchange (NSE India)
  • Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

The participants for the stock market are:

  1. Securities and Exchange Board of India
  2. Brokers
  3. Traders
  4. Investors
  5. National Stock Exchange (NSE)
  6. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

In the below sub-headings, there are many functions of the stock exchange and in this article, we will discuss about the 10 major functions. So, let’s proceed further with the functions ahead:

Top 10 Major Functions of Stock Exchange in India

1. Mobilize the Savings for Investments

Savings in the investment can be done through the mutual funds, the investment trusts and variety of the other securities and these are all traded in the stock exchanges.

Those individuals that cannot afford to invest in the huge amount of the securities for them, there are many of the opportunities by the mutual funds and the investment trusts.

2. They protect the Investors Interest

The Stock Exchange has also been as the safeguard for the investors protects their interest in the stock market. The investments or the funds that all the investors used in the stock market are controlled by the exchange in order to gain the trust of the investors to make an interest in the stock market.

3. Economic Growth

The share market used to control the channel through which all the savings of the investors has been made in some of the useful investments according to the individual investors. Due to all this channelization of the savings, it leads to the economic growth and the capital formation in the economy.

4. Stock Exchange provides Liquidity

In the stock exchange, you get the opportunity of the liquidity. As whenever there is the need for funding’s then you can sell the investment positions from the stock exchange with ease and with a short period of time and then you can take out your money from it.

5. Provides Safety in Capital and in Fair Dealing

All the transactions that have been made in the stock exchange are all transparent and abide by the rules and regulations by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. This measure ensures about the safety of the capital of the investors and the format of the fair dealing for all the investors.

6. Encourages Healthy Speculation in the Stock Exchange

The price for the securities is based on the demand and supply of the position. This helps in the encouragement of the speculation in the stock exchange by providing opportunities to the investors to speculate and get to make high profits from the fluctuations in the security prices.

7. Mobility in funding

The stock exchange helps both the investors and the companies in order to buy or sell their securities and creates the funds for them. Due to this procedure, the money market also gets strong in dealing with the short-term funds.

8. Corporate Governance

There are many rules and regulations by the stock exchange in order to maintain the corporate governance to satisfy the demands of the shareholders and to make the management more efficient.

9. Redistribution of the Wealth

By giving the chance to all types of investors or traders to do their trades in the stock market, the stock exchange removes the inequalities in the wealth generation. All type of traders or the investors can make profitable deals from the stock market.

10. It also creates Investment Opportunities for small investors

Investing in the stock market can be done with some funding also rather than entering into the big businesses with huge capital investments.

So, it benefits the small investors also to grow their funding with small amounts and provides them with passive income from their savings.

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