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  • how-to-pick-winning-stocks
    05 June

    How To Pick Winning Stocks for Beginners

    The stock market is an investment avenue where huge returns can be made. The individuals save their money and invest in the market in the hope of making good returns and wealth in the long term. Investing in the stock market is an art. If it is done correctly you can make massive gains. The […]

  • Top 5 Order Types for Stock Trading
    19 May

    Types of Order in Stock Market

    Stock trading involves putting order for buying or selling the stocks or index. However, not many people are aware of the fact that you can place different stock order types. With these different stock market order types, you can set different types of limit in your orders. The various types of stock trading orders are […]

  • best ways to learn stock market trading
    15 May

    Learn Stock Market Trading in 10 Simple Steps

    The year 2020 has been volatile so far because of the corona virus. The volatility in the share market is all time high and the traders are always looking to take advantage of such volatility. While trading in a very volatile and uncertain market, you must be very careful. A wrong trade can lead to […]

  • Meaning & Participants of Derivative Market
    09 May

    A Study of Derivative Markets in India

    Do you know What is Derivative Market? It is a kind of instrument that is traded in the stock Exchange. What exactly it is that we will see further. This article is all about “Derivative Market – Meaning, Types, Participants, and Differences” Derivative is a kind of instrument that derives its value from the underlying […]

  • How to Read Stock Charts in India
    06 May

    How to Read Stock Charts (2020 Ultimate Guide)

    How Stock Chart Helps You in Your Analysis? The stock chart record the price and volume data history to help you to determine whether the stock value is increasing or decreasing. The stock chart gives you clues about whether the price behaves normally or abnormally. The stock chart tells you the direction of trend, whether […]

  • Top 5 Must Read Technical Analysis Books
    01 May

    Top 5 Must Read Technical Analysis Books

    Technical analysis is another way to learn and to apply it practically in the stock market. The individuals who are the participants of the stock market and do the trading according to their technical analysis are known as “Traders”. It is the most effective and popular way for decision making tool used by the traders […]

  • Meaning, Role, Objective, Structure and Functions of SEBI
    21 April

    SEBI Meaning, Role, Objective, Structure and Functions

    SEBI stands for Securities and Exchange Board of India. This is the authority that is appointed for regulating the financial securities in India. SEBI plays an important role in regulating the security market in India. At the initial time, SEBI was not allowed to watch the stock market. Let us see the journey of the […]

  • Major Functions of Stock Exchange in India
    13 April

    Major Functions of Stock Exchange in India

    Hello guys, welcome once again to our blog site. If you are new to this site so you can read the earliest blogs also on the stock market and about our academy. So, in this article, we will be discussing about the major functions of stock exchange in India. If you all don’t know about […]

  • Story of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
    08 April

    Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Success Story

    When you hear about the success stories about the stock market in India, one name that first comes to everyone’s mind is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. What makes the story of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala fascinating is the fact that he was a regular guy from Mumbai and went on to become the most successful investor in the history […]

  • What are the Investment Options for NRI in India
    30 March

    NRI Investment Options in India

    Well, are you an NRI (Non-Resident Indian) and finding the “Best Investment Options in India for NRI”? Then, this source or the article will be best for you as in this you will be seen the various instruments that are available for the NRI to invest their money in. India has seen tremendous growth in […]

  • Basic Stock Market Terminology
    23 March

    Basic Stock Market Terminology for Beginners

    Yes, you are on the right site to know about the “Basic Stock Market Terminology for Beginners”. No worries, the terms are not complicated you will understand them easily in theory and also in practical. About my experience when I entered the stock market, at the start I found out many terms for the market […]

  • Pre-Opening Market Session Process in NSE
    11 March

    What is the Process in the Pre-Opening Market Session in NSE?

    If you are a regular trader or investor in the stock market, you may have heard about the term pre-opening market session in the NSE. The pre-opening session is one of the important concepts of the Indian stock markets. It is very important that you know this concept when you are an investor or trader […]

  • Highest-Open-Interest-Analysis
    03 March

    Highest Open Interest Analysis to Find Market Trend

    Trading in futures and options requires knowledge and experience. Profits from trading in F&O market can be made with the application of technical analysis. Chart reading, graph reading, open interest, etc. can help in finding the market trend also. In this article, you will learn the analysis of highest open interest to find the market […]

  • What is Penny Stocks in India?
    28 February

    What is Penny Stocks in India?

    In India, there is a different type of securities that are trading in the stock market and from which one of these is the penny stock. Investors or traders are investing in penny stocks to get the benefits of diversification. In this article, you will get to know the definition, advantages, disadvantages, risks and many […]

  • Different Career Options in Indian Stock Market
    21 February


    In the stock market, there are different career option available for an individual to work and earn money from it. Many individuals are interested to make their career in the stock market.  In the equity market, there has been a lot of opportunities that are available from the last past years. The employment opportunities are […]

  • What is Forex Trading
    07 February

    What is Forex Trading?

    The foreign exchange market means where all type of currencies across the world are traded. The forex market is the biggest and most liquid market in the world with an average daily trading volume more than $5 trillion. Currencies are an important part for most of the people around the world because the currencies are […]

    04 February

    Fundamental Analysis of Indian Stocks

    Fundamental Analysis of Indian Stocks – Investment in stocks means to generate wealth. People have different views in making decisions regarding investing in stocks. Human behavior has different appetite to take risk. Some people make statement according to them it’s risky to make investment in stock market. But from studies, it is proved that making […]

  • Which-are-the-best-intraday-trading-charts_
    05 December

    Which are the best intraday trading charts?

    For intraday traders, day trading charts are the most important tool. Different charts such as Renko, Heikin Ash, etc. with different time frames (i.e. 5 minutes, 10-minute or per tick charts) can be a little bit difficult for understanding, but intraday stock charts are the most effective tool to understand the movement of the market. […]

  • Tips-for-getting-higher-returns-from-share-trading
    12 November

    Tips For Getting Higher Returns From Share Trading

    The Indian stock market is one of the most popular investment avenues. The participants in the form of traders and investors are increasing regularly to earn higher returns. Individuals are now opting to become a full-time trader to earn regular income through share trading. Intraday share trading requires the right set of skills and technical […]

  • Rules-for-selecting-stock-for-intraday-trading
    21 October

    Rules for selecting stock for Intraday Trading

    There is a number of stocks are available to select for intraday trading. But as we all know that intraday trading is all about buying and selling or selling and buying of stock within a day. It may sound exciting but on the other hand, it can also be risky if you don’t manage your […]