What is SGX Nifty? With Live Chart

What is SGX Nifty? With Live Chart

SGX Nifty Means

SGX Nifty is derivative of Nifty Index trade officially in Singapore Exchange. SGX is Singapore stock exchange nifty which implies the Indian CNX Nifty traded in SGX.

It allows foreign investors to take a position in the Indian Stock market it is a very popular derivative product of the Singapore Exchange.

Foreign Investors who are unable to access the Indian markets, but who want to take exposure in Indian markets, can trade in Singapore exchange. All the shares of the Nifty are not traded here. It is a Major competitor product of Nifty Futures. The transactions of this are settle in SGX.

SGX Nifty live Chart

SGX Nifty live Chart

SGX Nifty Market Time / Trading Time

Nifty futures on the SGX is trade for 16 hours on the exchange while Nifty trades just for 6 and half hours on the National stock exchange market in India.

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SGX is started trading early morning approx 3 hours before Indian Nifty. Hence FII/ DII traders and take positions in the Singapore exchange much before Indian Markets open.

Singapore exchange Trend is the first indication of the initial Indian Stock exchange. SGX Nifty provides different trading timings that enable the investors to trade in SGX even if the India’s market is closed SGX is available 6:30 AM to 11:30 PM as per Indian time.

How SGX Nifty Impacts on Indian Stock Market?

Since SGX is essentially Nifty futures trading on the Singapore stock exchange, it is not uncommon to consider its effects on the Indian Stock exchange.

The movement of the SGX Nifty is a very good starting point for the Indian stock exchange. Due to its long trading hours, it is affected by the world economic cycles and global political events. Investors and traders find it extremely useful for their requirements.

Singapore exchange moves with the respect to the Indian Nifty and gives direction to the Indian Stock Market. Singapore Nifty is more volatile than the Indian Nifty. There are various factors that have an influence on its volatility. The time difference causes the SGX to open before NSE but since most of the traders wait for the NSE trading before they trade on the Singapore exchange which has little effect on the NSE.

Impact of SGX Nifty is seen through the trend.Trend is the first indication of the movement of the Indian Stock exchange.  Singapore exchange also correspond with a rise in NSE India, but this is largely based on the fact that positive world news affects all stock exchange similarly. It takes cues from the Indian Nifty, and since the Indian Nifty also take cues from domestic factors, global economic factors and news. Therefore, in reality, It has little to no affect on how the NSE performs during the day.