Top 5 Mobile Apps for Day Traders

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Day Traders

Mobile Apps for Intraday Trader – It is very true that with the passage of time, the number of mobile users around the world is shooting up. The numbers of laptop and computer users are not increasing as quickly as the mobile users, and therefore it is better to join the mobile platform in order to achieve more.

When it comes to stock trading, a lot of traders in the present time are going for the concept of day trading. In case you do not know what day trading is, it is a kind of trading in which the stocks or securities are purchased and sold on the same day itself.

So, you purchase stocks and square them off on the same day before the stock market closes. In day trading, some good amount of skills is required, and you need to have all the necessary information on your fingertips. This can be made possible with the help of mobile apps for day trading. So, let us take a look at the top five mobile apps available for this purpose.

Top Mobile Apps you can Consider for Day Trading


1. Stock Twits

It would not be wrong to say that this mobile app is quite similar to Twitter, and traders love this app this very format. Once you download and install this app on your smart phone, you will get feeds from the beginners as well as expert traders from the reputed investing companies. In addition, you would also get feeds from the media outlets. Apart from text feeds, you can also post videos and charts related to free technical analysis. For the day traders, this mobile app is really useful.

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2. Futures Live

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use app for day trading, then this can be the best choice to consider. For the beginners, Futures Live offers a really simple to understand interface, and hence people love it. No matter if you are interested in investing on livestock, metals, or energy sector; the quotes provided by this mobile app encompass almost all areas. The most striking aspect of this mobile app is that it does not bother you by providing feed when you do not need them.

3. Stock Guru

This mobile app is particularly for the iPad users. Powered by a robust engine, this mobile app offers real time analysis of almost seven thousand stocks. With this app, the day traders can analyze financial strength, momentum, and risk associated with the stock. However, this app comes along with a price tag.

4. Bloomberg

You must have heard about this mobile app. Offering real-time feeds, this is perhaps the most widely sought after mobile app among the day traders. Easy to use, this mobile app keeps you updated with all the important news related to the stock market.

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5. AnalystRT

This mobile app provides analyst ratings, encompassing more than thousands of stocks. Knowing about the analysis of the experts can provide you a lot of help in day trading. Hence, you can surely go for it.

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