Top 5 Bhangaar Stocks in India

Top 5 Bhangaar Stocks in India

List Of Top 5 Bhangaar Stocks

If you are a trader or investor in the stock market, you must be very careful with stock selection. Right stock selection can give you incredible returns while the bad selection of stock can easily erode your capital. In this article, we shall have a look at a few of the stocks that have proved to be wealth destroyers for the investors.

1. PC Jeweller

PC Jeweller functions in the Gems and Jewellery sector. The stock is having a 52 week high of Rs. 600 and 52 weeks low of Rs. 47. The stock fell by more than 90% from its 52 week high. The reason for the fall is corporate governance issues. The investors are still holding the stock at high prices. Thus, it is one of the biggest wealth destroyers. The drastic fall in the stock price can be seen in the chart below.

2. Reliance Communications Ltd

Reliance Communications Ltd is a telecom sector company. Ten years ago the stock was trading above Rs. 800. Currently, the price of the stock is around Rs.15. RCom is one of the biggest wealth destroyers in the history of the Indian stock market. Most investors have already booked losses in the stock.

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3. Suzlon Energy Ltd

Suzlon Energy Ltd is in the engineering and capital goods sector. The stock once use to trade above Rs. 400 and now it is trading around at Rs. 5. The drastic fall in the share price speaks volumes about the loss made by the investors. The company has been making continuous losses that further put it in trouble. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that Suzlon Energy Ltd is one of the bhangaar stocks of the Indian stock market.

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4. Satyam Computer Services Ltd

Satyam Computer Services Ltd is now taken over by Mahindra group. The company functions in the information and technology sector. The stock before take-overuse to trade at Rs. 700 and when the company’s involvement was found in financial fraud the stock fell to Rs. 25. This stock has led to immense capital erosion. However, when Mahindra group came to take over Satyam Computer Services Ltd, the investor recovered a significant part of the loss made.

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5. Vakrangee Ltd

Vakrangee Ltd belongs to the information technology sector. The stock has seen a steep fall due to the wrong practices of the management. The stock that once was trading at more than Rs. 500 has seen a sharp fall to Rs. 23. The erosion of wealth has been more than 90%. This breakdown in the stock price led to severe losses to the investors. Many investors are still holding the stock in the hope of recovery. The chart of the stock can be seen below.

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The above are the top 5 bhangaar stocks of the Indian stock market. There are many other stocks that have seen such a steep fall but we have taken only the above ones. These stocks have almost made the investor’s capital equivalent to zero and the chances of share price recovery are only possible if the companies start performing well.

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