Best Stock Market Research Websites in India

Best Stock Market Research Websites in India

Best Stock Analysis & Research Websites India

Stock Market Research Websites – Investing in the stock market requires the right set of knowledge and skills. In fact, everyone today knows that the internet is full of resources to gather the information. Furthermore, as an investor in the stock market, it is important to have the right knowledge about the company. Thus, to help people and investors many websites are available where they can do research before investing. In this article, we shall have a look at the best stock research websites.

List of Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

  1. Moneycontrol
  2. Economic Times
  3. NSE India
  4. BSE India
  5. Livemint

#1 Moneycontrol


Money control is the most popular Indian stock research website. The website is owned and run by CNBC group who is the leader in providing business and financial information. In fact, the website captures all the important aspects of the stock market.  Furthermore, to study about a stock you can just search for it and read all the significant details. It would not be wrong to say that it is one of the best sites for Indian stock market analysis.

In addition, every stock has its own forum where the investors can share their knowledge, views and information. In fact, money control provides a mobile application for Android and IOS users where they can access any information with ease. This application is highly recommended to those who trade or track the Indian stock market.

#2 Economic Times

Economic Times

Economic Times is another famous website for the Indian stock market information. It is one of the oldest stock business news portal. The visitors on the website can get any company information and news in detail. Furthermore, all the latest business news is available on this website. Just search for the stock for which you seek the information and check the company’s data.

Economics Times also has its mobile application which eases up the monitoring of market and stock information. Like money control, it is among the must-have application to track the Indian stock market.

#3 NSE India

NSE India

NSE India is an authentic website for viewing and studying the India stock market. National Stock Exchange is the fourth largest exchange of Asia in terms of trading volume. Hence, the data available on the website is reliable and authentic. NSE India website is useful for technical and fundamental analysis of the stock. In fact, the website provides regular blogs and indulges in various other measures through which investors can enhance their knowledge. Apart from the regular information about the company, you can also find other details like bulk or block deals, etc. on the NSE India website. Also, you will find historical charts and data of the company for carrying out stock analysis.

#4 BSE India

BSE India

BSE India is another platform to seek right information about a company trading on the Bombay Stock Exchange. BSE India website is rich in information and provides all the necessary details for carrying out technical and fundamental analysis of the stock. The historical data of the companies is of great help for various analysis.  All the companies have to fulfill their compliance by regularly updating the important information in relation to the company on the BSE website. The website consists of all the important stock market news and updates in the different segments. Therefore, as a stock trader and investor one can visit BSE India website to gain all the important information about a company.

#5 Livemint


Livemint is Indian daily business website owned by HT Media. The stock analysis website publishes latest business news and developments. In fact, the main focus of Livemint website is on business executives and policy makers. The stock analysis website helps you in tracking all the latest development of the country that may affect the share price. Therefore, you can track all the information that affects the share price and your stock selection for future investment. In addition, the website also keeps tracks of various news and developments from different segments of India.

#6 Investing


Investing is an ideal website for doing a fundamental and technical analysis of the stocks. This website provides all the important information for analysis. The information available on the website include charts, news, technical, forum, etc. The best feature of the website is that you can put stock screener. With stock screener tool you can get the list of the stocks that you are looking for on the basis of specific criteria like market capitalisation, PE ratio, EPS, etc. In addition, if you do not know how to conduct technical analysis of stock, you can look at the various technical indicators on the website and take your investment decision.

#7 Screener


Screener is a good website to carry out a fundamental analysis of the stock. The website provides access to the financials of different Indian companies. In fact, all the features on the website are free of cost which makes it user-friendly. Different financial information like PE ratio, balance sheet, profit and loss statements, quarterly results, etc. are available on the website.

Furthermore, you can apply screener on the website to find the stock list that fulfills your criteria. Screener presents the details of the financial and other information of the company in a very simplified manner. Therefore, if you want to save your time and energy in navigating through the financials of the company, visit this website. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that Screener is the best site for fundamental analysis India.

If you are a beginner in the market or an old player in the market, the above best website for stock market India shall help in taking the right investment decision. In addition, you can also read the information and news that is important for your portfolio.

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