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  • Difference between Chart Pattern and Candlestick Pattern
    19 January

    Difference Between Chart Pattern and Candlestick Pattern

    Chart Pattern A chart pattern is an integral pattern of the technical analysis of a fund. But, they need some kind of getting accustomed to before they could be effectively used. For helping you get a grip of them, there are some chart patterns that every trader should know. Chart pattern is the shape within […]

  • Top 5 Factors to Check before Investing in IPO
    12 January

    Top 5 Factors to Check before Investing in IPO

    Generally, when a firm comes out from IPO or Initial; Public offering, there will be lot of noise for it. Nobody would like to miss any kind of opportunity to invest in the IPO. However, not every IPO provides the desired outcomes. Some of the IPOs miserably fail and people experience heavy losses. Below are […]

  • Difference Between Volume Traded and Volume Delivery
    06 January

    Difference Between Volume Traded and Volume Delivery

    Volume traded The volume that is traded for any script is total quantity of stock shares which are traded for a particular scrip in the specific trading day. It comprises of the total no. of shares which are transacted between the seller and the buyer during any transaction. When the shares are actively traded, the […]

  • 4 Types of Price Gaps in Trading
    30 December

    4 Types of Price Gaps in Trading

    Gaps are very common especially in share markets and they are capable of providing information as well as insights about underlying the dynamics of the market. Gaps are generally created when the price of closing of previous day and open of following days have different levels of pricing. During the time of large volatility, the […]

  • stock investment strategies
    20 November

    Stock Investment Strategies

    Are you also the one who make the investment in the stock market? Today we are here to give you some of the basics strategies for stock investment. So, you have read the topic correctly that is on “What are the Stock Investment Strategies?” So here Nifty Trading Academy introduce you with all the basics […]

  • What is Square Off in Intraday Trading
    10 November

    Square Off in Intraday Trading

    If you are an intraday trader then you must know about Square off in Intraday Trading. So, let me help you with clearing your doubts on “What is Square Off in Intraday Trading?” From our article on “What is Square Off in Intraday Trading?” we will move further with the definition first and after that […]

  • Types of Shareholders
    06 November

    What are the Types of Shareholders?

    Who is a Shareholder? Did you know what actually shareholder defines? Don’t worry all your query has one solution over here. From this article, we will give you the brief on shareholders meaning, types and rights from our article that is on “What are the different types of Shareholders?” In the stock market trading, there […]

  • Difference-Between-Large-Mid-and-Small-Cap
    16 October

    Difference Between Large, Mid and Small Cap

    Beginners entering the stock market must know the importance of market capitalisation. Market capitalisation or market cap represents the total value of the company on the basis of its current share price and the total number of outstanding shares. Most of the large investors like mutual funds make their portfolio according to the market cap […]

  • Decoding The Use Of Open Interest For Intraday Trading
    08 October

    Use of Open Interest for Intraday Trading

    Intraday trading is one of the main sources of income for many professional traders in the stock market. These traders look to grab the opportunity of market volatility and book profits. Most of the traders carry out the intraday trading activity in the futures and options segment. While trading in the futures and options segment […]

  • 30 September

    What is Internal Rate of Return?

    In this topic, we will discuss on “What is Internal Rate of Return?” Have you heard this term? The individual who have been following the finance industry they might be aware with this term. For any beginners in the finance or stock market, they have to know this term and its usage in different areas. […]

  • Types of Financial Instruments Traded in Indian Stock Market
    24 September

    Financial Instruments Traded in Stock Market

    Indian stock market is one investment avenue where investors get a lot of opportunities. The long-term investors invest their money in the market to create wealth for the future. Whereas the short term investors indulge in intraday trading and make quick gains. Therefore, before investing in the Indian stock market you must do good research […]

  • What is Hedging in Stock Market
    17 September

    What is Hedging in Stock Market?

    Welcome again to Nifty Trading Academy, If you are new visitor in our website then you can check all other earlier post to get a vision regarding our focus. In this article, you will going to learn about “What is Hedging in Stock Market?” So let’s firstly start with the definition and then moving further […]

  • Advantages of Equity Shares
    10 September

    Advantages of Equity Shares

    The stock market is one of the popular investment options across the world. Anyone can invest in the equity market if they have even the basic idea of how the stock market functions. However, the beginners entering the market often think that if there is any benefit of putting their hard earned money in the […]

  • Is Corona Virus Providing Good Opportunity to Invest in Stock Market
    01 September

    Is Corona Virus Providing Good Opportunity to Invest in Stock Market?

    The year 2020 has been a very difficult one till now. The Corona Virus has locked almost all the economies of the world. Most of the countries are struggling to deal with the pandemic. Apart from the health hazards of the virus, the economies around the world have taken a big hit. Amid this volatility, […]

  • Which Stock is best for Intraday_
    26 August

    Which Stock is best for Intraday?

    Intraday Trading is also known as “Day Trading” If you are a beginner in the stock market then the best thing you need to know is you should take the proper and complete information about the intraday trading with the benefits and risk associated with this. For intraday trading, you need to a lot of […]

  • Bull and Bear Market
    04 August

    What is Bull and Bear Market?

    Have you ever heard the term Bull and Bear in Stock Market? If yes, then do you what does this mean? from this article on “What is Bull and Bear market? I am going to explain you about the concept in detail with the difference between both the markets.  For making a start in the […]

  • What is the Right Time to Exit a Stock
    27 July

    What is the Right Time to Exit Stock?

    As a trader or an investor, they should know about right time to enter a stock and with that the right time to exit a stock. From this article on “What is the Right Time to Exit a Stock?” will be a in detailed article with complete solutions of why. Once, you buy any securities […]

  • Investing in Stocks Free Beginners Guide
    20 July

    Investing in Stocks Beginners Guide 2021

    The beginners enter the stock market to create wealth for themselves. The beginners investing in stocks india for the long term with the hope of earning dividends and stock price appreciation. Whereas, some beginners enter the market with the aim of intraday trading. They want to make money on a daily basis through trading and […]

  • What is Algorithmic Trading or Algo Trading
    07 July

    What is Algorithmic Trading?

    Do you know about Algorithm Trading? If no, then you don’t have to worry about because from this article on “what is algo trading?” I am going to give you a complete detailed information for the same. Let’s directly jump into the topic and first we will start with the definition. Learn about Algo Trading […]

  • Powerfull Candlestick Patterns for Day Trading
    17 June

    Learn Best Candlestick Patterns

    Candlestick gives information about how price moves and behaves. The candles provide four prices. The Open, High P, Low and Close Price. The specific Candle refers to that information for a specific time. For a Daily time frame, each candle gives the information of daily price action and gives the info of the open, high, […]