Most Advanced Education Program For Future’s Traders

We can’t deny that learning about finance, possible solutions and investment strategies is the first step to move in order to get started in the financial environment: this is a golden rule to accept, regardless of the specific skill level you are at or regardless of the type of investment you are going to plan.

Why Traders Need Education

Today, the world of finance is crossed and changed by numerous innovations, some of which come from the internet technology sector. As a result, finance is today deeply connected to the new technologies and education is ever more central for new traders:

  • Technological enhancements keep the financial environment evolve without pause
  • New traders may feel comfortable with latest technologies, but a minimum education is essential in order to avoid big mistakes
  • Online investments are going to totally replace oldfashioned types of investing
  • Digital technologies for webbased investments offer highly sophisticated trading platforms, like the Sirix trading platform featured by Zurich Prime, an emerging EU based regulated broker
  • Education on all aspects of financial investments prevent the traders from making mistakes and losing money
  • A specific education program is necessary to learn more about binary options, forex strategies and other most modern models of investment

Where To Find Effective And Free Education

Trading is, therefore, a discipline that you have to learn if you want to be a serious and successful trader. A good education is the right base to start from, which will help you maximize your efforts and avoid losses of money – actually, a big part in a trader’s success or failure is played by the trading education.

Zurich Prime, that you can reach on offers all registered new traders the unique opportunity to join the company’s Academy.

The Zurich Prime Trading Academy is, actually, especially designed to meet the educational needs of first-time traders, yet including also advanced lessons for experienced trader:

  • Forex trading
  • Trading tools
  • Platform tutorial
  • Commodities and futures contracts
  • Commodities and futures eBook
  • CFDs and Stocks
  • CFDs and Stocks eBook
  • Trading strategies
  • Economics
  • Social trading
  • Forex eBook
  • Beginners course
  • Advanced eBook

As you can see, the Zurich Prime Trading Academy is a comprehensive education program, tailored on the traders’ needs and oriented to the improvement of trading competence and skills.

Zurich Prime Types Of Accounts

Moreover, Zurich Prime offers also a variety of trading account, each for a specific trading need and skill level. New traders may want to start with a Standard Account, which requires the lowest deposit and offers basic features. As they progress in trading skills, they may want to switch to the next level: the Silver Account, the most popular account of Zurich Prime.

With the Gold Account traders are already going towards a serious advancement in the trading career. This account features reflects superior functionalities. The Platinum Account is the most complete and powerful way to experience trading. For Islamic traders, Zurich Prime designed the Islamic Account with enforced Sharia compliant finance.

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