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Trading with Gann Theory

Trading with Gann Theory

Gann Theory – Stock trading is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires right set of knowledge and skills. In fact, indulging in intraday trading without good knowledge is like fighting in the battlefield without arms and ammunition. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that traders need to be more careful and try to take aright position to earn more in the stock market.

One such way to make good gains with trading is learning the Gann trading strategies. An American trader and market theorist, William Delbert Gann, developed Gann trading theory in 1935. The theory given by him are popular and reliable among the trader. In fact, most of the traders take their position by looking at the price and rely on the Gann angles. In this article, we shall learn the basics of Gann theory and much more.

What is Gann Theory?

Gann theory predicts the movement of stocks after taking into account the past, present and future of the markets. By analysing and assessing the information of the different period including the short-term market highs and long-term market highs, angles are drawn to determine the future market trend. Gann was a believer that mathematical relationships and geometrical angles can predict the future price movements.

The whole theory of Gann is on the basis of angles. In this segment of the story, we shall study the Gann angles.

What are Gann Angles?

The Gann theory predicts the price movements with the help of series of angles. The angles are drawn at different price points. The Gann angles represent the past, present and future characteristics of a stock price. In fact, the calculation of Gann angles is done after connecting the price points on the charts

Gann Angel

Now let us see the basic idea behind Gann theory.

Basics of Gann Theory

To understand the basics of Gann theory let us take an illustration. Suppose the market is in an uptrend and it stays above the ascending angle without breaking it. In such a case, it suggests that the market shall continue to remain in the uptrend in the coming period.Similarly, if during the downward trend the price remains below the descending triangle, it suggests market shall continue to weaken.

The traders use Gann trading strategies to make good returns in the market. There are Gann theory books available in the market through which traders can learn. However, to simplify things for you, below points suggests the application of Gann theory. This will give you an idea of the Gann theory and its concepts.

Basic Gann ChartApplication of Gann Theory

To understand the Gann theory calculations one needs to study the behavior of the following three things in the market.

  • Time Study: The time study model suggests the time when the stock price shall reverse. In addition, time study reads the historical data that helps in deriving the future fate of the markets.
  • Price Study:The Gann angle let us see the angles suggesting the price patterns of the stock. The prediction of price movement in the stock relies on the pivot levels, support and resistance points.
  • Pattern Study: The activity of the investors and movement particular stock is kept in check with pattern study. The pattern study in Gann theory studies the trends and patterns that indicate the reversal in the stock.

Gann Chart With Trend Line

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