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  • Top 10 stock markers of the world
    21 September

    Top 10 Stocks Exchanges in the World

    Stock market is the biggest market for wealth creation. The topmost list is dominated by developed nations. There are critical factors like due diligence and good compliance which are boosting their growth. List of Top 10 Stocks Exchanges in the World  #1 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) The NYSE is considered as the world’s top […]

  • Importance of Stock Market Training Course
    04 September

    Importance of Stock Market Training Course

    Albert Einstein has quoted very well “ Once you stop learning you start dying” Human mind is meant to adapt and learn to deal with changing scenarios. The stock market is no other. It is one of the most volatile markets and to earn high returns requires expert training and current updates on the market. […]

  • Top 5 Blue-chip companies
    27 August

    Top 5 Blue-chip companies

    In the stock market investment time plays a huge role as Warren Buffett has quoted “If you aren’t willing to own a stock for ten years, don’t even think about owning it for ten minutes.” In this article, The NTA is trying to highlight the top blue-chip stocks which are promising for long-term investment. Let’s […]

  • How to earn stocks without a broker?
    25 August

    How to earn stocks without a broker?

    Investing in the stock market has become one of the successful and popular strategies. The popularity of the stock market has led to open different platforms to invest in the stock market. Investing in the share market without a broker is one of the options which is being accepted by traders. Nowadays with changing scenarios […]

  • How to create your Stock Portfolio?
    18 August

    How to create your Stock Portfolio?

    It is a very famous saying that “do not put all eggs in one basket” which means do not concentrate and put all efforts in one place. This quote clearly defines the diversification of the stock market portfolio. Needless to say that any investment plan whether it is stock or debentures. The trader should always […]

  • Zomato IPO is Live
    15 July

    Zomato IPO is Live – Buy or Avoid ?

    Zomato is the talk of the town since the time it has decided to raise funds through the public issue. The company is the leading online foodservice platform. Zomato is looking to raise Rs. 9,375 crore through the public issue. The initial public offer (IPO) opens on 14th July and closes on 16th July. The […]

  • Top 5 Reasons Why Most People Lose Money in Stock Market
    12 July

    Why Most People Lose Money in Stock Market?

    Stock market investment can be tricky if the trader does not have an understanding of various factors which play a role in the market. This can be hard to absorb in starting but with time the trader understands the market and can lead to success. There are many instances where the market is showing a rise […]

  • Dabba Trading in India
    23 June

    What is Dabba Trading in India?

    Dabba trading is the proxy stock market. Here the operator trades the stock outside the market illegally based on the prices quoted on exchanges but the settlement is executed in cash. In traditional trading, the interested person has to open a Demat account with a broker. In Dabba trading, the investor operates in a parallel […]

  • Stop loss order strategy
    18 June

    Stop Loss Order Strategy

    Stop loss order is one of the methods to minimize the loss in a volatile stock market. A good stop loss strategy can lead to high returns to the trader as it is a simple tool to lock in profit at a fixed decided price by the trader.  The trader places an order with the […]

  • How to Earn 5000 Per Day in Intraday Trading
    16 June

    How to Earn 5000 Per Day in Intraday Trading?

    Intraday trading looks simple and easy to operate but earning money in this platform can be tricky. However, with knowledge of the stock and optimal strategy can lead a trader to earn easy profits. The traders always need good stock advice to make profit in intraday trading. There are some of the Do’s and Don’ts […]

  • Candlestick Charts Beginners Guide
    28 May

    Candlestick Charts Beginners Guide

    In trading beginners get stuck in certain places due to fluctuating market price. Here you can see understanding candlestick charts and how to identify high probability trading setups so you can profitable highly in the entire markets. Those who are new to trading and you are unaware of understanding candlestick charts and patterns you can […]

  • How to calculate Stop loss
    20 May

    How to Calculate Stop Loss?

    Calculate Stop Loss is one of the conventional methods in setting loss threshold in stock market trading. It provides authority to the broker to sell the stock when the price reaches a certain level. For example, A wants to invest in XYZ stocks which are costing Rs 100. A can decide to assign a stop-loss […]

  • Intraday Trading Time Analysis
    13 May

    Intraday Trading Time Period Analysis

    Intraday trading is the most common way of trading in stock market. As the term suggests Intraday is the day trading that means all the transactions of stocks and various financial instruments will be executed in the same day.  In other words, Intraday trading is squaring off all the positions before the market closes in […]

  • Types of Doji Candlestick Pattern
    21 April

    Types of Doji Candlestick Pattern

    To learn more about the new trading strategy and doji formation that lets you profit in bull and bear markets so you grow your wealth steadily even during a recession. Though many people search about bullish candle patterns, here this article helps you to know more about the Doji Candlestick Pattern and how to come across […]

  • Top 10 Shares between 1 to 10 Rupees
    16 April

    Top 10 Shares between 1 to 10 Rupees

    Indian stock market offers shares in various ranges of prices for traders. However, common traders are usually seen as more interested in buying cheaper shares that can provide them good benefits. The cheapest shares in the stock market of India are known as Penny Stocks, which are available between 1 to 10 rupees. These shares […]

  • Learn How The Indian Stock Market Works
    13 April

    Learn How The Indian Stock Market Works

    In the web world stock market holds its prestigious position in the market. Though there are new buyers they are in confusion and also in minor doubts. Here you can learn how the Indian stock market works simply and elegantly which leaves you some ideas in your mind. What is a stock? The ownership, that […]

  • What are SEBI new margin rules
    26 March

    SEBI’s New Margin Rules

    SEBI’s New Margin Rules: SEBI the regulator of the Indian stock market has been concerned about the margin requirements for quite some time. What SEBI believes is that the connection of the risk that the traders are taking both Intraday and delivery basis are much higher as compared to the margins. It can be told […]

  • Delivery Margin in Stock Market
    04 March

    What is the Delivery Margin in the Stock Market?

    Investors aim for achieving high returns from their invested money in the stock market. However, they need to know the techniques of investing correctly, to gain enough profits from their purchased shares. Delivery and margin are two different modes of share trading, about which traders need to have a clear idea. Basic Information about Delivery […]

  • 17 February

    Trailing Stop Loss Strategy

    The prices of shares rise and fall frequently in the share market of India. Generally, many investors sell their shares when the prices shot up while some prefer to wait further, expecting greater profits in the future. But they may suffer financial loss if the prices of their shares drop to an unexpected level due […]

  • Types of Share Market in India
    16 February

    Types of Stock Market in India

    Share market is a major factor that decides the economic condition of a country. The rise and fall of values of shares in the stock market are the primary concern of all investors. In India, there are two types of share market, namely primary share market and secondary share market. The trading method and reasons […]